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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Summer is over, Halloween has passed, and the holiday season is upon us. You’ll soon be planning your holiday get-togethers, inviting guests and making your extended grocery list for another delicious holiday meal.

You always think of everything — deviled eggs for uncle Matthew, pecan pie for Pop, plenty of drink choices, and your best kitchenware and utensils are all shiny and ready. You’ve probably even prepared the guest bedroom just in case someone needs a nap to sleep off that scrumptious family dinner. But one thing oh-so-many people tend to forget, especially in those older “family” homes or those with septic systems, is the possibility of their plumbing becoming overwhelmed by the added stress of the holidays.


Holidays Mean Big Meals & Big Bathroom Visits

Other than the occasional joke we share with our friends, no one really likes talking about what comes naturally after a big meal. Everybody poops! While you can prepare with plenty of quality toilet paper, matches, air freshener and maybe an “occupied” sign on the door, if your pipes are older or not properly installed you could see some costly repairs come your way this holiday season.


Getting Your House Ready

With all that food flowing, it’s important that you remind your guests that the garbage disposal is not some magical hole where every piece of leftover food will simply disappear. You and your indoor plumbing will be much better served by utilizing a compost pile or tossing the waste and excess in the garbage as your garbage disposal simply isn’t designed to handle those large volumes of food. Of course potato peels, egg shells, bones, grease, and onion skins should never go down the disposal and you may want to consider placing a small reminder note near the sink for your guests.

Extra food and visitors means extra traffic through your bathroom and, of course, that added burden to your toilet. Place wastebaskets close to your toilets in order to gently remind guests that not all garbage should be flushed. The last thing you want during your holiday gathering is a clogged toilet!

Another really good plumbing tip for the holidays is to increase your hot water heater’s capacity by turning it up. However, be sure not to turn it above 120 degrees and don’t forget to lower it back down after the party and your guests leave.


Know Your Limits

No matter if your home is brand new or is nearing the century mark, your indoor plumbing in Arvada can take a beating during the holidays. Taking the above precautions and remaining vigilant in regards to the increased stress on your toilet and plumbing can be the difference between a fantastic and memorable holiday season, and a costly one caused by plumbing damage and emergencies.

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